Dear representatives of museums!

Our company, Live Excursions, would like to offer you a unique opportunity to enrich the cultural experience of your visitors by conducting live online tours directly from your museum. We specialize in creating exciting and informative online journeys that can be a great addition to your event program.

Benefits of working with us:

  • The ability to offer your visitors unique online tours directly from your museum, helping them deepen their experience and learn more about your collection.
  • The ability to engage new audiences through online travel, helping to increase interest in your museum and attract more visitors.
  • Flexible tour schedules, allowing you to organize events at convenient times for your visitors.
  • The ability to offer customized tours to suit your audience’s needs and interests, making a visit to your museum more personalized and engaging.

We are confident that offering online tours directly from your museum will help expand your audience, increase interest in your collection, and create new opportunities for your visitors.

If you are interested in working with us, we would be happy to discuss the details and terms of the partnership. Our goal is to create valuable and mutually beneficial collaborations that will help enrich the cultural experience of your visitors.

Live Excurs team

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