We offer a money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel your booking.

If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, we will refund the full payment you made.
For cancellations received less than 48 hours in advance we will refund 30% of the total price.
For cancellations by our company we will refund the entire payment
Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances
Exceptions to these rules are possible if the cancellation is due to:

An unexpected illness or injury which causes the cancellation of the excursion. We will require a doctor’s note confirming this.
Extremely adverse weather conditions at the tour location.
How to request refund

1. Check if the cancellation is in accordance with our refund policy

2. If you are requesting a refund due to force majeure, please prepare evidence if necessary

3. email us at email@liveexcurs.com: send us the link to the order on the website and state the reason for cancellation